The two ways to inspect the notebook to discover its parameters are: (1) through the Python API and (2) through the command line interface.

Execute via the Python API

The inspect_notebook function can be called to inspect a notebook:

inspect_notebook(<notebook path>)
import papermill as pm



If your path is parametrized, you can pass those parameters in a dictionary as second parameter:

inspect_notebook('path/to/input_{month}.ipynb', parameters={month='Feb'})

Inspect via CLI

To inspect a notebook using the CLI, enter the papermill --help-notebook command in the terminal with the notebook and optionally path parameters.

See also

CLI reference

Inspect a notebook

Here’s an example of a local notebook being inspected and an output example:

papermill --help-notebook ./papermill/tests/notebooks/complex_parameters.ipynb


Parameters inferred for notebook './papermill/tests/notebooks/complex_parameters.ipynb':
msg: Unknown type (default None)
a: float (default 2.25)         Variable a
b: List[str] (default ['Hello','World'])
                                Nice list
c: NoneType (default None)