Main papermill interface.

papermill.cli.print_papermill_version(ctx, param, value)

Command Line options


  This utility executes a single notebook in a subprocess.

  Papermill takes a source notebook, applies parameters to the source
  notebook, executes the notebook with the specified kernel, and saves the
  output in the destination notebook.

  The NOTEBOOK_PATH and OUTPUT_PATH can now be replaced by `-` representing
  stdout and stderr, or by the presence of pipe inputs / outputs. Meaning

  `<generate input>... | papermill | ...<process output>`

  with `papermill - -` being implied by the pipes will read a notebook from
  stdin and write it out to stdout.

  -p, --parameters TEXT...        Parameters to pass to the parameters cell.
  -r, --parameters_raw TEXT...    Parameters to be read as raw string.
  -f, --parameters_file TEXT      Path to YAML file containing parameters.
  -y, --parameters_yaml TEXT      YAML string to be used as parameters.
  -b, --parameters_base64 TEXT    Base64 encoded YAML string as parameters.
  --inject-input-path             Insert the path of the input notebook as
                                  PAPERMILL_INPUT_PATH as a notebook
  --inject-output-path            Insert the path of the output notebook as
                                  PAPERMILL_OUTPUT_PATH as a notebook
  --inject-paths                  Insert the paths of input/output notebooks
                                  as notebook parameters.
  --engine TEXT                   The execution engine name to use in
                                  evaluating the notebook.
  --request-save-on-cell-execute / --no-request-save-on-cell-execute
                                  Request save notebook after each cell
  --prepare-only / --prepare-execute
                                  Flag for outputting the notebook without
                                  execution, but with parameters applied.
  -k, --kernel TEXT               Name of kernel to run.
  --cwd TEXT                      Working directory to run notebook in.
  --progress-bar / --no-progress-bar
                                  Flag for turning on the progress bar.
  --log-output / --no-log-output  Flag for writing notebook output to the
                                  configured logger.
  --stdout-file FILENAME          File to write notebook stdout output to.
  --stderr-file FILENAME          File to write notebook stderr output to.
                                  Set log level
  --start_timeout INTEGER         Time in seconds to wait for kernel to start.
  --execution_timeout INTEGER     Time in seconds to wait for each cell before
                                  failing execution (default: forever)
  --report-mode / --no-report-mode
                                  Flag for hiding input.
  --version                       Flag for displaying the version.
  -h, --help                      Show this message and exit.